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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

booksurge scam POD company

"Booksurge Sucks" Letter to Post and Courier (Charleston, SC newspaper)

Leave it to the Post and Courier to do a big write-up on Booksurge, one of the most corrupt businesses operating in North Charleston. Even the slightest bit of investigative work would have revealed the following:
Robert Holt, the "CEO" of Booksurge, was a former lawyer disbarred for bank fraud. You can view the case here:
Monti Kohli, the "CFO" of Booksurge, used to run his "models wanted, no anorexics" ad in the City Paper, using his Booksurge email address for his little pornography habit.
Jason Youmans, the IT director at Booksurge, is about to do jailtime for selling ecstasy to kids, as the Post and Courier itself reported in Herb Frazier's columns! ( and
You may also be interested in the fact that the company started when Holt and Kohli met in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting; Holt had killed a kid on Spring Street while driving drunk. It's nice to know that people can invade this city to launder illegal monies, even kill a kid, and the good ol' P&C does a glowing report on their business (POD books are screwing authors out of their money daily, by the way).

Julian Gabriel Colado